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Gain the Competitive Edge.

Google My Business Management

Time to take control of your branded search results. Turn your Google business listing into a high performing tool to help you stand out, increase brand visibility and engagement, and win business.

What Our GMB Services Will Do For You

  • Maximize your presence on Google
  • Increase engagement with your listing
  • Increase phone calls, bookings, website visits and direction requests
  • Amplify your competitive edge
  • Provide a positive impact on your local rankings.

Attract More Customers

The reality is, when searching on Google the first thing a potential customer is going to see is your GMB listing.  This is why being visible, and not getting lost in the pack, is very important.  Our GMB expertise will help you demand attention, helping you get noticed and become the first choice in the search results.

Get Your Listing Noticed

There are many factors that contribute to your ability to rank. Our team will make sure each component of your Business Profile is optimized for success – business categories, business descriptions, products/services and more.

Get Better Positioning

Strategically managed GMB features is a key component to building a strong profile that will provide you with a competitive edge and make your business more dominant in the search results. Leveraging all available features on a continuous basis will increase overall engagement and boost rankings.

Connect When It Matters

Build lasting relationships and show your customers that you care. Our team will respond to reviews and questions for you so that your customers feel valued and know that you are always listening. Protect your reputation and build your brand.

Demand Attention with GMB Posts

Leverage the power of Google posts to ensure that your audience is always engaged and connected to your business. Our team will keep your Business Profile updated with fresh content on a weekly basis using Google Posts – unique and engaging content highlighting your business, specials, products/services and events.

Your GMB listing is the perfect tool to showcase your business. Capture your audience’s attention, drive more traffic and increase sales by engaging with searchers right when they are looking for you.

Manage Your Reputation & Customer Relationships

Local rankings, your reputation and overall sales are directly impacted by reviews and Google Q&A. Potential customers are going to be attracted to businesses that have the highest ratings, the most reviews and are responsive.

Exceed customer expectations by developing a review strategy that is in alignment with your business, builds brand loyalty, and boosts rankings. Our team will respond to all of your Google reviews and engage with your customers, turning searchers into loyal clients.

Google Q & A is a powerful tool to address customer inquiries, having a prominent placement in your profile. Our team will ensure that your customer’s questions are answered in advance, will respond to new questions and engage with your potential customers on an ongoing basis.

Fight Against Spam

As the local search results become more and more competitive, many companies are turning to spam tactics in order to get ahead in the search results (keyword stuffing, fake addresses etc).

Our team will help in the fight against spam by monitoring the results and stopping these businesses from implementing spam tactics to advance in the search results. This means more opportunity for you to rank higher!

What’s Included in Your Fully-Managed GMB Service?

Our team will provide everything you need to ensure GMB listing success.

 Products & Services Management

 Q&A Management & Monitoring

Reporting & Insights

Ongoing Listing Optimization

Review Monitoring & Responding

Ongoing Photo/Video Uploads

Weekly Google Posts

“Know This Place” Answers

Fighting Spam