Keep Your Files Safe.

Efficiently protect and recover data across client devices such as workstations and laptops.

Protect Data From Ever-Present Threats.

You will never need to worry about your files again. With its capabilities and automated service delivery, protecting your files has never been easier.

Cloud Managed

Cloud-based backup and management to the robust and secure Datto Cloud.

Rapid Deployment

Protect and recover files faster than ever before. 

Continuous Back-Up

Backups are continuously scanned for changes over any Internet connection.

Simple & Secure Back-Up & Recovery

Continuous file and folder backup protects business documents against ever-present threats such as human error, hardware failure, ransomware and lost or stolen devices.

Work Remotely with Confidence

With the ability to backup over any Internet connection, File Protection safeguards your valuable business data wherever you are, in the office or on the move.

Self-Serve Restore

Access your own backup files so you can restore when and where yo want.

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Protect Your Data & Business.